A private home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, Watershed Lodge is situated above the banks of the beautiful and noisy Fightingtown Creek. Owned by Manny and Vicky Vilaret, it is hoped that it will be enjoyed by the Vilaret and Buhrow families as well as their guests, for years to come.

This site is about Watershed Lodge and the Blue Ridge, GA area. We are fortunate to have a home in one of our favorite places to be. We hope that one day you will be able to visit and enjoy the beauty of the area as well as the wonderful people who live here.

This site is dedicated to "Rey", a very old white pine who sacrificed himself to allow "Watershed" to be built. We did everything in our power to save him but couldn't. In the end he had already begun to succumb to disease so it was for the best. 

Beautiful Fightingtown Creek

Nico Fishing 2016

March 2017